Pumilio Viewer

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Tool selection menu Current tool buttons and options Filename of current file Channel displayed Display options Current playback position Current playback time Tags menu Selected region Selected region info Filter selection box Zoom in and filter button Current area view Frequency markers Time markers
Menu to select one of the tools in the tools/ folder. [x]
Area where the buttons and options of the current tool appears. [x]
Filename of the file that is open. [x]
Channel displayed: left or right for stereo; mono for single channel files. [x]
Options for the current file display: save spectrogram, convert the file, show file details, change visualization settings, close file. [x]
Progress bar that shows the current playback position. [x]
Playback controls: pause, play, stop. [x]
Playback time display. [x]
Tag menu: add, remove and display tags for this file. [x]
Area in spectrogram selected. [x]
Bounds of the selected region, in time and frequency. [x]
Filter sound checkbox. When zooming in, if this box is checked, a band-pass filter will be applied. [x]
Click this button to zoom in and filter (if selected) to the current selection. [x]
The area of the sound file currently displayed. [x]
Acoustic frequency scale (approximate). [x]
Time scale (approximate). [x]