A Web-Based Management System for Ecological Recordings

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Important note

Due to changes in my career path, this project is no longer under development. It may or may not work in newer systems. Feel free to fork it and change it and expand as you see fit.

Version 2.7.6 is out!

Citation: Villanueva-Rivera, Luis J., and Bryan C. Pijanowski. 2012. Pumilio: A Web-Based Management System for Ecological Recordings. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 93: 71-81. doi: 10.1890/0012-9623-93.1.71

Pumilio is a free and open source PHP/MySQL application for the management of sound archives and the visualization and manipulation of sound files. The system allows the user to load sound files in many formats, see the spectrogram of the sound, select regions of the sound for further analysis and insertion in a database, filtering, and many other manipulations.

All that is needed to browse and navigate the archive in the application is a modern browser with JavaScript and either Adobe Flash or HTML5. This means that it will work with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and newer versions of current browsers without Flash installed. The application has been tested with all recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

The concept of this application is to use a graphical front-end to edit, manipulate, convert, visualize and extract information of sound files. The code uses several scripts and command-line programs to achieve its purposes.

The major intended audience of the application is bioacoustics research groups. Other groups that may be interested include people interested in sounds, musicians, wildlife and nature sounds fans, and many more.

Have ideas, suggestions, or want to contribute code? All help is welcomed, just send an email to ljvillanueva@coquipr.com or using the Github system.

Open Data and outreach

The application was built to allow the administrators to select one of many ways of hosting the data online. All or none of the data can be made public:

  • Download the files directly on the browser, for both desktops and mobile devices
  • In R using the pumilioR package
  • With other applications using XML

In addition, the system has an export feature that makes it very easy to transfer the sound files, and the metadata, to another system. This feature can also be used for backups or to prepare data for posting in online data archives.

The application can be used to further outreach efforts by sharing data with the public in an easy-to-use system that can be navigated using Google Maps. Interested parties can listen to the sounds recorded using just a web browser, without requiring any particular software, plugin or operating system.

R package

A new package for R, pumilioR, is available from CRAN. It allows the user to query a Pumilio system, version 2.6.0 or newer, and get the data as a dataframe.

Check the website for details: http://ljvillanueva.github.io/pumilioR

Important note on future development

The next version (v3) will contain many changes, including using a different CSS library, audio players, and background processes. Version 2.x is frozen, unless there is a bug to fix.

Change history

The last release to date is 2.7.6 (3 Apr 2015)

New for release 2.7.6:

New for release 2.7.5:

New for release 2.7.4:

New for release 2.7.3:

New for release 2.7.2:

New for release 2.7.1:

New for release 2.7.0:

New for release 2.6.1:

New for release 2.6.0:

New for release 2.5.4:

New for release 2.5.3:

New for release 2.5.2:

New for release 2.5.1:

New for release 2.5.0:

New for release 2.4.2:

New for release 2.4.1:

New for release 2.4.0:

New for release 2.3.1:

New for release 2.3.0:

New for release 2.2.1:

New for release 2.2.0:

New for release 2.1.2:

New for release 2.1.1:

New for release 2.1.0:

New for release 2.0.3:

New for release 2.0.2:

New for release 2.0.1:

New for release 2.0.0:

New for release 1.7.0:

New for release 1.6.2:

New for release 1.6.1:

New for release 1.6.0:

New for release 1.5.3:

New for release 1.5.2 (removed due to bug in administration options):

New for release 1.5.1 (removed due to serious bug):

New for release 1.5.0:

New for release 1.4.1:

New for release 1.4.0:

New for release 1.3.1:

New for release 1.2.3:

New for release 1.2.2:

New for release 1.2.1:

New for release 1.1:

New for release 1.01:

New for release 1.0:

New for release 0.4.3:

New for release 0.4.2:

New for release 0.3.2:

New for release 0.3.1:

Pumilio is maintained by ljvillanueva